Sonic Pad setup for Kobra Neo

04:47 05-16
I've just managed to set up Kobra Neo with Creality Sonic Pad and I had to do some tweaks to make it run that involved basically merging existing configs with default file from Creality and with themselves. I'm posting since I could find proper selection of SonicPad's 'generate printer' options and prepared a config manually:
  • in [stepper_z] endstop_pin: probe:z_virtual_endstop - since Klipper couldn't read Z endstop from Neo Z endstop sensor and either went beyond range or smashed nozzle into the bed. Fortunately SonicPad uses LeviQ probe well as a virtual Z endstop.
  • no [include] files, since this caused error on initialisation,
  • safe_z_home at home_xy_position: 110,110 in middle of the plate - so that in case Klipper smashes nozzle into printbed, then at least it's not in the corner. Also thanks to this printbed level value mid-bed should be closest to 0.
  • in [extruder] max_extrude_cross_section: 50 so there's no 'safety' Klipper extrusion error that blocks prints from continuing
  • extruder rotation distance slightly altered (+1%) per my rough e-step calibration result
  • homing and probing speeds increased, while tolerance lowered
  • other speeds increased, so that they can be freely adjusted later in UI instead of being hardcoded in cfg.

Hope this helps someone and shows that Sonic Pad is a good buy if you already have this printer - I'm a noob in FDM and I did changes despite that, so my config file may need corrections. The attached config is what I select when adding a new printer - then SonicPad's Klipper does it's modifications, so don't be surprised that the CFG that is later seen through WebUI is slightly different (and clearly different after printer calibration).

With this installation of Sonic Pad for Kobra Neo should be as follows:

1. boot Kobra Neo with Klipper.bin (as firmware.bin) from repository and instruction at
In my case there was no progress message on any screen - printer has to be left for 10-15 min to be sure that it
installed Klipper even though the file is tiny, then restarted.
2. plug in Kobra Neo to SonicPad USB port1 - or change number in printer.cfg if you want to use another USB:
serial: /dev/serial/by-id/usb-serial_1

3. Initialise per Sonic Pad instruction for non-standard printers with printer connected (and turned on) and USB with printer.cfg in main USB stick directory (root) plugged in.

4. Follow as usual per Sonic Pad instructions.

So far so good, next step - to find out what would be best settings for PLA for this configuration. With the existing slicing settings I see minimal gains in terms of speed and some in terms of quality. The printer is certainly more pleasant to work with and an absolute ton of configuration options becomes easily accessible, also via wifi.

If someone more knowledgeable sees improvements that can be done to this config, then let me know, so we fix the attached file - thanks!