Someone have a answer PLEASE!!

19:15 05-16
Both of my E5+'s are down. Neither will connect to the PC. 

One is E5+ stock, but thinks homes 28mm away from the bed and i cant get into it to raise the bed to where it should be. Press home and it drops the bed three times then raises to 28mm below nozzle height. I dont think the CR touch it plugged in as i manually level. Cant connect it to PC to do the firmware.

The other ones had the Manta M8P/CB1 (not impressed with everything there) board removed, Way to much for me at the mo. A Bigtreetech skr Mini3 E3 V3.0.1 and tft35 has been put in there but thats firmed for Ender 3 and wont connect to the pc so i cant update the firmware.

The more i try the more i get wound up. Why when the PC see's the printer is there... why dont they engage with each other???