Clear/translucent printing resins

22:25 02-27-2022
Hi fellow 3d printers,

I am really new at 3d printing at just a few months. One of the projects I am doing is a Batman/Joker chess set. On the joker's side is a Mr. Freeze. Well Mr. Freeze has a dome. Well it needed to be clear or in this case a translucent blue. The 1st print on the left was great once done. However after wash and cure as you can see it frosted over. Since 1st print had 2 domes I tried a few things to make it better. Car wax failed. Silicone oil polishing failed. Then I tried using the resin itself and a black light flashlight. This cleared it up pretty good but still had some spots that didn't clear. However that got me thinking. Why wash the parts. So I printed up 6 this time in case I needed further experimentation. Once printed I carefully transfered all of them via a putty knife onto a stack of paper towels. Once drained of excess I again transfered them each to the disk you see below the one on the right. Then used my blacklight flashlight to cure some more. Wow! Huge difference! Very clear. They look great. 6 domes to choose from for only 2 that I need to use. Just thought I would pass this method on to others. I have watched a bunch of YouTube videos on the issue. I didn't see any that tried this process. I hope I helped others with similar issues.