CR-6 max Change Filament mid-print

21:56 03-10-2022
Whenever the CR-6 max runs out of filament while printing (or the filament breaks), the Filament Sensor will detect this issue and will stop the print. In principle that's nice, but the end of the filament is - of course - at that time within the sensor. Thus unreachable for the user!
The printer's display also informs nicely that the printer run out of filament and gives me two options:
a) Heating
b) stop print
Am I really supposed to disassemble the Bowden tube for removing the remaining filament before I can load new filament. That's first of all very inconvenient. In Addition it's not unlikely to move the Z-axis during this. 
From all I found on YouTube the Ender printers comprise a dedicated "change filament" menu item. An option to move the extruder stepper would be the least I'd expected!

Any ideas how to handle this? (except of exchanging the filament in time)