Don't miss out on these exciting new features – upgrade to Premium today!

Creality Cloud
17:13 12-08-2022


For a limited time*, Creality Cloud Premium is on sale! You can now get a monthly subscription for only $5.99/month, a savings of $4.00 off the regular price of $9.99/month. And if you want to save even more, you can subscribe for a year for only $59.99, which means you'll get two months free!

Don't miss out on this amazing deal, act fast and subscribe to Creality Cloud Premium today! This sale won't last long, so hurry and get your subscription now. Take advantage of this limited time offer and start enjoying the benefits of Creality Cloud Premium today!

*Offer ends on Jan 1, 2023. The subscription price will increase after the offer ends.


Creality Cloud is excited to announce the newest features of its premium service. As a premium user, you will have access to a variety of new benefits and exclusive perks.

Creality Cloud Premium

One of the most exciting new features is the ability to slice 3D models with priority. This means that your models will be processed faster, allowing you to print them sooner and get your projects done more quickly.

Creality Cloud Slicer


In addition to faster slicing, premium users will also enjoy faster model download speeds. This means that you can download your 3D models more quickly, allowing you to get started on your projects sooner.

Creality Cloud Model Download Speedup


Another great new feature for premium users is the ability to control more 3D printers. With this extra permission, you can manage multiple printers from a single account, making it easy to print multiple models at the same time.

Creality Cloud Control Multiple 3D Printers

Premium users will also have access to an advanced slicer for multiple 3D models. This slicer allows you to process multiple models at once, making it easier to print different designs and save time.

Creality Cloud Slice Multiple 3D Models

In addition to these exciting new features, premium users will also receive special birthday gifts and more entries for the lucky draw. This means that you have a better chance of winning amazing prizes and exclusive products.

Creality Cloud Luck Draw

One of the best new features of the premium subscription is the opportunity to re-check in. This means that if you have missed a day of checking in, you can make up for it by checking in on another day. This allows you to continue receiving rewards and exclusive offers.

Creality Cloud Check-in


Finally, as a premium user, you will have access to exclusive products and discounts from the Gift Shop. This means that you can save money on the products you love and get access to exclusive offers and deals.

Creality Cloud Gift Shop

Overall, the new features of the Creality Cloud Premium Subscription make it an even more valuable service for 3D printing enthusiasts. With faster slicing, faster model download speeds, and the ability to control more 3D printers all at once, premium users can enjoy a more efficient and convenient 3D printing experience. Don't miss out on these exciting new features – upgrade to premium today!

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