Featured Comments: I think 3d printing should be a topic for schools and colleges

21:00 12-12-2022

Hi there, I'm CiCi.

A few days ago I posted a topic: Is 3D printing underrated?

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@user6266559872: Very underrated. It’s really hard to find people in town who could help me by physically looking at my printer. No classes are taught for in-person learning. All learning must be done online. Watching you-tube videos is sketchy since you’re not sure if the information is correct. I’ve been able to find 3 known people on you-tube that explain things very well…. But sometimes that information contradicts.

@Mitch1967: I think it definitely is in the UK. There are no retail outlets that sell anything 3D printing-related aside from the odd 3D pen. There seems to be a stigma about buying/selling 3D printed items as well as they’re seen to be inferior quality. I’m on a mission to spread the word here and make it a much more popular hobby!

@jajaum3d: Yes, especially on industry and services. Everyone that does DIY already knows the infinite applications of this technology. I like to work with wood too, and I can't count how many times 3d printing helped me, you can make jigs, cutting guides, adaptors, organizers, and even specific one-job tools. Nowadays 3D printers must be considered an essential tool in all kinds of workshops.

@Scortcha69: I don't think it is underrated, I think it's more people who don't understand it nor its potential. Yes, it's a massive learning curve, I am always learning too. But once you get your printer dialed in and understand how it works and how slicing and Gcode work, you will never look back. How did we ever survive without 3D printing??

@NachoRacer: I don't think so. More industries are getting 3d printing as a new way to build things, as an example ford Let his STL for mod the maverick pickup accessories, and Renault is exploring how to use Additive manufacturing over all his modes with accessories and functional parts even Bugatti prints his brake caliper. I believe that is getting synergy from a lot of different places and sooner.

@thdesign.ca: I don't think 3D printing is underrated, but very misunderstood. On one hand, there are many people getting involved with it without any prior or related knowledge and on the other hand, there are many directories full of files not properly modeled for 3D printing. It is however a common situation once we're dealing with recent technology and we're still within a learning curve in the field.

@Nick101: I think 3d printing should be for all ages it should be a topic for schools and colleges and if kids want to start in the 3d printing world and design from the low to high engineering printing and it’s a great way to get into the 3d printing business and projects

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