09-11 14:03
《Campaign & Contest 》 合辑
上一篇: Concept: The flat surface of this starfish with water as medium creates a strong vacuum grip when pressed against a non-porous smooth surface. Theoretically the model can hold up to 11kgs and practically tested up to 1kg which is more than 100times it’s weight. Commercial license: You can print and sell this model. Benefits:  Safe and secure,  Using fluorescent (Glow in the dark) material for hook will give an advantage of finding keys in the dark,  Good for temporary use,  No need to drill hole / use adhesive. Note: The print must be on smooth surface using glass bed is preferred but not compulsory, use high bed temperature to avoid glue stick/adhesive. Make sure that there are no air bubbles after pressing against wall. Materials: Star fish: Any flexible resin/Filament – TPU, Nylon, E.T.C Hook: strong resin / Filament - PLA, PETG, ABS, E.T.C, 3D printing settings: Slicer software: Creality slicer, Printer: FDM / RESIN, Retraction: 5mm speed 60, Nozzle Temp: minimum 190 to 210 C for PLA / minimum 200 to 230 C for TPU Bed Temperature: 90 C (no glue stick/adhesive needed) Infill: Minimum 8%, Print in place, Print speed: 25 Support: No supports needed, Layer height: 0.2, (use high diameter nozzle for fast printing) Build plate adhesion: brim at least 1mm, Print time: Star fish: around 30minutes, Hook: 2 minutes. The hook is a snap fit no adhesive required for assembling. Thank you, Have a wonderful day. Regards, Sigma Designers.