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This is for ANYONE LADIES AND GUYS, FAR AND NEAR, ALL AGES WELCOME To engage, network, share insight, brainstorm & or help each other out in anyway possible. this channel does not have limits to only CnC programming or Robotics and automation. The channel is setup for anyone who has any engineering background to share our knowledge ,anyone in the wide range of manufacturing, engineering, 3d printing, cutting. milling PLC the list goes on. this channel welcomes anyone new to any industry mentioned above or anything for that matter you may need help with, we are open 24/7 and if we can't get you a answer straight away we will try our hardest to get you the right answer in the easiest possible way for you to get through you or situation.This platform also welcomes anyone who wants to network with anyone else , feel free to explore all the amazing content coming starting REAL SOON 3D PRINTING AND ENGINEERING HAS ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES , Happy printing. SLATERS GROUP OF INDUSTRIES...

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