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HeadSpace Creations
HeadSpace Creations
I'm starting a business, selling to local shops, Etsy, eBay, ect. I will be learning everything. to pass on my knowledge and STL files to everyone interested. support my page by cash app $timothyberryhill or on LBRY at$/invite/@HeadSpaceCreations:7 look up HeadSpaceCreations on YouTube, LBRY, fb, 3d geeks. I'm looking to make a loving and caring 3d printing community that will look out and help each other. I appreciate and look forward to any questions or comments or ideas for my groups or for the channels I'm looking for staff to help make short videos on troubleshoot and print videos with links to get the STL files on our group pages if you're interested please contact me. I look forward to making a 3D printing community that will push forward to make the world a 3D printed reality. please look up the channel on the different platforms to participate and help grow and Gain new knowledge or share knowledge and STL files. and remember it's all one big 3d printed family

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