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Wanted to make the first of its kind Anything Remote Control Vehicles so that if there are any other hobbyists like myself out there that got into 3D world because of RC Rigs then this place is perfect for you if you check my page alone I have added close to 100 different RC related models to the app for public use and would love to have somewhere for myself and other RC Nerds can share their work and help each other out if anyone has any issues arise just a downright chill RC community for anyone that is into the RC hobby or if you want to get into it then this would be a perfect place to get familiar with the printing side of the hobby right here in the Creality cloud app I do all my RC printing jobs through this app and have shared my models with multiple people on other platforms trying to get them to join and see how simple the Creality cloud app is to use I think if I had this Anything RC group that I capfuls invite people from other platforms maybe I can grow this amazing app!JJ

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