Halot Box turbo VROOM mode

06:45 05-16
I found out that you can manually adjust Halot Box slicer settings beyond preconfigured limits (DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, this seem to be not fully intended). Found in release 'HALOT_BOX-v4.0.3.2817-win64-Release'

1. Go to hidden folder:

2. Open the %YourSettings% file in notepad.

3. Find additional slicer parameters that are not in the slicer itself. You may find interesting:
- separate options for first layers:
lift distance, lift speed, lightoff delay - they should remain set to safer values for these few critical layers!
- max/min values for parameters that can be set in slicer:
lifting speed, lifting distance.
- additional value of retract speed.

What can be done with this?
- You can set the printer to VROOM Mode with extra Z speed!
Note: this most probably negatively impacts lifespan of Z motor (though I'm not sure if that is any problem) and obviously may increase chances of a print failure.
- What's safer, you can set retract speed slightly higher than the more critical lifting speed,
- You can set first layers to even safer values to be 100% sure they are done right. They are not taking too much time anyway.
- You can further adjust any parameter beyond preconfigured limit if that fixes any special issue that you experience.
Note: minimum limit of Z lift set to 8mm seem to be a healthy value for a 10" printer, to make FEP do its job. I wouldn't adjust it any lower unless practice shows the contrary.

If you have a printer that has Halot-OS (therefore not Halot-Mage non-Pro), then you'd also need to select 'file settings' instead of 'printer settings' when loading a file to get the theoretically increased speeds from slicer.
As of the time I'm writing this article, I have not tested this solution by printing yet and it may be the case there are additional limits set in printer firmware itself.