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Best 3D remote printing software | How to connect a 3D printer with Wi-Fi?

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3D printing is a time-consuming process that severely tests the user's patience, because it can take a few hours or days to complete. If you don’t want to sit around a 3D printer to watch it until the printing is finished, a 3D remote printing software is what you need.

3D printer controller software can establish a wireless connection so users can send files, slice files, and monitor their prints in a variety of ways. It can allow you control and monitoring your printer remotely.

Table of content
Part 1. Can I control my 3D printer from my phone?
Part 2. Best 3D remote printing software - Creality Cloud
           2.1. How to connect a 3D printer to a computer with Wi-Fi?
           2.2. Upload using the Creality Cloud application
Part 3. Other remote 3D printing solutions for 3D printers
           3.1. OctoPrint - Raspberry Pi Needed
           3.2 FlexiHub

Part 1. Can I control my 3D printer from my phone?

In short, yes, you can operate the 3D printing from your phone with a 3D remote printing software. The software in the market comes with specified instructions that will establish a connection between the printer and the phone.

Can I control my 3D printer from my phone?

You can supervise the project from anywhere when the 3D printer is connected remotely. Furthermore, it simplifies the entire procedure too. Furthermore, the 3D remote printing software also provides visuals to assess the performance. The features are available on Android and iPhone too. 

Part 2. Best 3D remote printing software - Creality Cloud

If you are a Creality printer user, you must to download Creality Cloud application, with it, you can operate the 3D printer from work or vacation. Creality Cloud offers free and paid models to download, slicing, and remote print. As a result, printing has become more accessible. 

2.1. How to connect a 3D printer with Wi-Fi?

The most of Creality printers built-in Wi-Fi, like CR-10 Smart Pro, CR-10 Smart, CR-M4, CR-200B Pro, CT-400D, Sermoon V1, Sermoon V1 Pro, Sermoon D3, CT-005 PRO, CT-133 PRO, HALOT-ONE PRO, HALOT-ONE PLUS, HALOT-MAX, HALOT-LITE, HALOT-ONE, HALOT-SKY, HALOT-SKY 2022, HALOT-RAY, for those printers, you can directly connect your 3D printer to a computer or cellphone with Wi-Fi using Creality Cloud App.

Creality printers built-in Wi-Fi

For the rest of Creality Printers, you need to use a Creality Wi-Fi Box. Here are the steps to set it:

  • Insert an exFAT and FAT 32 card into the Creality box.
  • Plug in the Creality Box.
  • Turn on the 3D printer.
  • In the next step, connect the Creality box to the 3D printer.
  • Download the Creality Cloud application to the phone. It is available on App Store and Google Play.
  • Open the Printing tab. Click on “Add Device.”
  • Scan the QR code on the Creality Box.
  • Click on WLAN settings.
  • Click on “Yes” to proceed with the connection.
  • Select the home network.
  • Enter the Wi-Fi password twice to authenticate to the connection.
  • Create a name for the Reality Box.

The connection is now established. You can watch the tutorial here for visual aid. 

2.2. How to remote 3D print using Creality Cloud software

  • Open the Creality Cloud application on your phone.
  • Search and select the model you like on Models category.
  • Now click on Batch download, after downloading, select Slice to start.

remote 3D print using Creality Cloud software

  • And now, your slicing files will stored on the Cloud silicing, you can choose to print.

Cloud slicing

It's very easy!! Creality Cloud also are maketplace of 3D models, If you are a creative 3D model Designer, don't miss our Designer Partnership Program, it supports 3D designers and help their unique 3D models reach all corners of the world, with the tools, benefits and opportunities to tell their stories and create enduring connections within the 3D printing community.

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Part 3. Other remote 3D printing solutions for 3D printers

3.1. OctoPrint remote 3D printing software - Raspberry Pi Needed

Step 1: installing Raspberry Pi

If you are thinking of using OctoPrint, one of the ways to do it is by using an OctoPi image. Furthermore, the SD card also needs flashing. Therefore, we suggest installing Raspberry Pi on windows, mac, and Linux.

installing Raspberry Pi

Step 2: establish a connection

You can use Creality Cloud Plugin to create a secure connection between the Creality Cloud application and OctoPrint. It is possible with Creality Cloud Plugin V0.5.0. Install the three below-mentioned plugins:

Plugin Manager

Install new plugin

  • One after the other, copy the links to the plugin. Paste them in the Plugin Manager in OctoPrint.
  • Restart OctoPrint after the pop-up prompt. 

Step 3: Key Generation

  • Open the Creality Application on your phone. Go to “Printing.”
  • Use + to add devices. Click on Raspberry Pi. 
  • Choose “Create Raspberry Pi” and “Download Key File.”
  • Copy the key to the computer.

Step 4: Use the key for OctoPrint

  • Return to OctoPrint on the personal computer.
  • Go to the settings of the 3D remote printing software.
  • Locate “Creality cloud Plugin.”
  • Upload the key from the “Browse” option. It is the same key retrieved in the earlier step.

Step 5: Slice and Print

  • Connect the 3D printer to the Raspberry Pi. Use a USB cable for Raspberry Pi 3.
  • Select the USB port the OctoPrint requires for printer connection.
  • And, now we slice and print
  • Launch the Creality Cloud App.
  • Go to My Devices.
  • Give Raspberry Pi a new name. Select slice.
  • Pick a model for slicing and printing.

3.2 FlexiHub

Another option for using 3D remote printing software is using FlexiHub. It offers secure connections with professional encryption. Furthermore, Flexi Hub also offers an easy-to-understand interface. The software is easy to use with just a few clicks.

  • Create a FlexiHub account. You need it for a free demonstration.
  • Secondly, install FlexiHub on all devices that will require 3D printer monitoring software. The options are macOS, Linux, Android, and Windows.
  • Launch the application on your personal computer. The 3D printer will appear in the list when the plugin opens.
  • If you are using a remote computer, you must also login with the FlexiHub account. 3D printer will appear in the list. Select the device and press “Connect.”
  • You can instantly use the 3D printer easily. The remote computer will translate the instructions without complications. It will work as the 3D printer is physically connected to the computer.

The Bottom Line

The 3D remote printing software offers ease and simplification compared to traditional software. You can connect the software with a simple click. The most cooperative software will manage 3D printers and does not break the connection from the network. Furthermore, the application is also straightforward for beginners and experts. 

In our opinion, Creality Cloud is an excellent software for 3D printing. It works best with g-code and does not conflict with the user interface.

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