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Laser Engraving Near Me: How to find a shop or service

Spencer Hill
Spencer Hill 15:49 12-09-2022

Laser engraving is a popular and versatile way to customize or personalize a variety of items, from jewelry, clothing, and accessories to promotional materials, tools, and equipment.

With laser engraving near me services available all over the country, it has never been easier to find a reliable and experienced craftsman who can help you bring your engraved visions into reality.

Laser Engraving Near Me

Here, we’ll explore the different types of laser engraving near me, and offer tips on how to find the right laser engraver near me.

Advantages of a laser engraving service

With its many advantages over traditional engraving methods such as flexibility and accuracy, laser engraving services offer businesses and individuals numerous opportunities to add value to their products or create beautiful designs that will last for years. 

We’ll take a look at some of the key benefits offered by investing in a professional laser engraving service:

  • Precision and accuracy: Laser engraving allows for precise and accurate engraving on a wide variety of materials, including metals, plastics, wood, and more. This makes it ideal for creating detailed and intricate designs and patterns.
  • High-quality results: Laser engraving produces clean, crisp, and high-quality results that are not possible with other engraving techniques. This makes it ideal for creating professional-grade products and designs.
  • Versatility: Laser engraving can be used on a wide range of materials and surfaces, making it a versatile engraving option for a variety of applications.
  • Speed: Laser engraving is a fast and efficient engraving process, allowing for quick and efficient production of high-quality engraved products.
  • Durability: Laser-engraved designs are long-lasting and durable, making them ideal for creating permanent, high-quality products and designs.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Laser engraving is a cost-effective engraving option, especially for large-scale or mass-production projects. It can also save on costs related to design and setup, as laser engraving can be easily and quickly set up to produce a wide range of designs.
  • Environmental friendliness: Laser engraving is a clean and environmentally friendly engraving process, as it does not produce any harmful chemicals or waste during the engraving process.

Laser engraving near me: How to find a shop or service

Finding a laser engraving service near you doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are three great ways to find shops or services in your area:

Way 1. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is a website and mobile app that allows you to search for local businesses and services, including laser engraving services. All you need to do is enter your zip code, select the date and type of engraving you’d like done, and choose the material you want to be engraved. You will be presented with a list of laser engraving services near you.

Find Laser engraving near me on Thumbtack

Way 2. Yelp

Yelp is a trusted source for finding local businesses, including laser engraving services. Their website and mobile app provide detailed information about each business, photos, and reviews from customers who have used the service before. This allows you to compare different shops or services and make an informed decision on who to go with. So, you can easily find a laser engraving service near you using Yelp. For this purpose, you will have to enter your location, and zip code, and search for “laser engraving services”.

Laser engraving service on Yelp

Way 3. Minuteman Press

Minuteman Press is a large printing franchise that specializes in custom design, print, marketing, and mailing needs. They also offer laser engraving services near you, making them a great option if you’re looking for laser engraving. Simply use their online search tool to find the nearest Minuteman Press location to you by entering your zip code. Once you’ve located a store, you can contact them for more details or set up an appointment.

Laser engaving service on Minuteman Press

Buy an affordable laser engraving machine

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to laser engrave nearly any surface, look no further than the Creality CR-Laser Falcon Engraver 10W. This powerful and versatile laser engraving machine is capable of producing a 0.06mm compressed spot for precise and detailed engravings, including text, logos, or artwork. It can also cut through various materials with ease and offers an impressive 400*415 workspace so you can work on larger projects without having to divide them up.

Creality CR-Laser Falcon Engraver 10W

Furthermore, its compatibility with multiple software, file formats, and operating systems makes it perfect for a wide range of projects and applications. To top it all off, the device is designed with several safety protections so you can engrave with less hassle and worry-free.

Creality is known for its reliable and high-quality products, Creality is a leading 3D printer manufacturer dedicated to developing the FDM/resin 3D printer, 3D printer filament, and maker-related products. Their CR-Laser Falcon Engraver 10W is one of their best offerings yet, available at an affordable price of $394.40. With its impressive features and reliable performance, the Creality CR-Laser Falcon Engraver 10W is your go-to choice for all your laser engraving needs.

FAQs about laser engraving service

Q1. How much does the laser engraving service cost?

The cost of laser engraving services depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of laser diode being used, the material that is being engraved, and the strength of the laser.

On average, laser engraving services typically cost between $1 and $5 per square inch, depending on the specific project and engraving service provider. It is recommended to contact multiple laser engraving service providers and compare their quotes to find the most cost-effective option for your specific project.

Q2. Does the local library do laser engraving services?

It is possible that some local libraries may offer laser engraving services, but this is not a common offering at most libraries. Libraries typically focus on providing access to books, media, and other educational resources, rather than offering specialized services like laser engraving.

If you are interested in laser engraving services, it is recommended to search for local engraving companies or online engraving services that specialize in laser engraving. These companies can provide more information on their services, pricing, and capabilities, and can help you to find the best solution for your specific project needs.


Laser engraving services can be found through a variety of sources and in various forms. Whether you’re looking for a professional laser engraving service near you, or want to purchase a laser engraving machine for personal use, there are plenty of options available.

From the convenience of local Minuteman Press centers to the affordability of Creality’s CR-Laser Falcon Engraver 10W, you can find the perfect option for your needs. And don’t forget to check out the library if you’re looking for a reliable laser engraving service near you!

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