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Best 3D printed Christmas Ornaments & Gifts

Spencer Hill
Spencer Hill 11:45 12-08-2022

Christmas is quickly approaching and that means it's time to get festive! If you want something unique and special this holiday season, 3D printing your own Christmas ornaments may be the perfect solution.

From Santa, snowflakes, and reindeer designs to personalized family portraits, the possibilities are endless when you use a 3D printer.

Read on to learn more about how you can make the best 3D printed Christmas ornaments & gifts!

3D printed Christmas Ornaments
Part 1. 3D Printed Christmas Hanging Ornaments
Part 2. 3D Printed Christmas Tree
Part 3. 3D Printed Christmas Gifts

Part 1. 3D Printed Christmas Hanging Ornaments

1.1. Surprise Christmas sphere

Surprise Christmas sphere

Looking for some unique artifacts to decorate your Christmas tree this year? This 3D-printed Christmas ornament is designed by Mark Logan and has a Santa inside a rotating sphere.

You have to download 6 model files to get it working. The sphere has a special mechanism throughout to be assembled during printing.

Click the below link to get download now!


128.7MB Related 3D Model

1.2. Spiral Christmas Bulb

Spiral Christmas Bulb

Christmas bulbs or Christmas balls are a must during Christmas decoration. Decorate it on the tree, doors, or windows, and spiral Christmas bulbs are a must-have. You can get a 3D version of its downloaded from Creality Cloud

This spiral Christmas bulb is designed by Custom Cars USA. The dimensions of the ornament are 3.19 x 3.17 x 3.37 mm. You can get them printed in green and red color.

Click the below link to get download now!

spiral Christmas bulb

330.6KB Related 3D Model

1.3. Kinetic Christmas Ornament

This kinetic Christmas ornament is the most unique of all. On the top, it’s free to download on Creality Cloud. Designed by KT 3DPrint, this Christmas ornament spins due to optical illusion. 

This ornament can be printed through your 3D printer by downloading a 4.74MB file. You can get this 3D printed Christmas ornament printed in multiples and adorn your Christmas tree with it.

Click the below link to get free download on Creality Cloud now!

Kinetic christmas ornament

4.7MB Related 3D Model

1.4. Santa Claus And Reindeer

Santa Claus And Reindeer

You also got 3D printed Santa Claus and reindeer for Christmas tree ornamentation. These decorations have a small loop on top, making them suitable for hanging on Christmas trees and being part of other decorations. 

You can get it for free by downloading only a single model file. It’s available on Creality Cloud and designed by GGJack.

Click the below link to get free download on Creality Cloud now!

Tinkercad Christmas

5.0MB Related 3D Model

1.5. Christmas Bells Set

Christmas Bells Set

Designed by Creality Cloud’s popular 3D artist, Skipper07, the Christmas Bells set is a set of 5 different ball shapes. Each ball has a different model file that can be downloaded and used for printing. 

With a small hanging loop on top, it’s feasible for hanging on a Christmas tree or as a perfect embellishment for Christmas decorations.

Click the below link to get free download on Creality Cloud now!

Christmas Bells Set

46.1MB Related 3D Model

Part 2. 3D Printed Christmas Tree

2.1. Rotating Christmas Tree

Rotating Christmas Tree

This has to be the highlight of your Christmas decoration at home this year. The rotating Christmas tree is made with precision that it rotates on its axis after all parts are attached. 

This 3D-printed rotating Christmas tree has 11 model files that print each model part separately. A final assembly file helps you assemble all the parts after printing.

Designed by GGJack. Click the below link to get free download on Creality Cloud now!

Rotating Christmas Tree “Tinkercad Christmas”

16.7MB Related 3D Model

2.2. Desktop Christmas Tree

Desktop Christmas Tree

It isn’t easy to find a miniature Christmas tree in the market. If found, it’s rare to find one of your choices. In such cases, a 3D-printed desktop Christmas tree is the best option. They are unique and can be printed in multiple. 

This desktop 3D-printed Christmas tree is designed by Stemfie3D and is free to download on Creality Cloud. The object has six parts that can be assembled to create a small Christmas tree suitable for desktops and tables. It has six downloadable files and an assembly file, making it easy to print and assemble.

Click the below link to get free download on Creality Cloud now!

STEMFIE Desktop Christmas Tree

27.6MB Related 3D Model

2.3. Christmas Tree Top Star

Christmas Tree Top Star

This is a 3D-printed Christmas tree topper. It is 3D printed in 2 parts that can be glued together, painted in the color of your choice, and placed on the desktop or installed on top of your Christmas tree. 

It’s free to download on Creality Cloud. The miniature is designed by Dem_ria and has already been downloaded 19 times.

Christmas tree top star.

6.4MB Related 3D Model

2.4. Creeper Christmas Tree

Creeper Christmas Tree

This is yet another Christmas tree miniature designed by matthewthepolymath. The tree has snowflakes designed over each of its branches with a star on top. 

It is yet another popular 3D print Christmas tree to be used for Christmas tree decoration. The 3D print Christmas ornament is free to download. It’s popular on Creality Cloud, with 48 likes and 43 downloads.

2.5. War Torn Christmas Treemageddon

War Torn Christmas Treemageddon

This one is definitely worth the attention and something out of the box. This is actually a Christmas tree with external expanding panels. These two panels on each side can be opened on the outside to reveal Happy New Year. The 3D printed Christmas tree also has a star on top that is printed in two halves. When assembling, the half-star is placed on top of the lower half-star until they snap together.

In total, the model has three separate parts. When assembled together, it can be painted in the color of your choice. The engraved Happy New Year should be painted in a different color to stand out. All other assembling instructions are available on Creality Cloud. 

This unique piece is designed by BillyWho. It is free to download and has been downloaded 15 times already.

Christmas Treemageddon

48.5MB Related 3D Model

Part 3. 3D Printed Christmas Gifts

3.1. Articulated Christmas Reindeer

Articulated Christmas Reindeer

Perfect as a 3D-printed Christmas gift, it’s an articulated Christmas Reindeer that will be assembled after printing 15 STL files. The unique feature is that the artifact is designed so that it does not require support and can stand on its own. Some of its parts have to be glued, while others are designed to snap into each other. 

The unique 3D-printed reindeer is designed by Mark Logan and is not available for free. The object has 15 model files. The assembly is easier with the instructions provided by the designer. It’s definitely an interesting project for anyone who loves to do 3D printing experiments.


78.0MB Related 3D Model

3.2. Christmas Village

Christmas Village

The 3D-printed Christmas village is another unique 3D-printed Christmas gift to try. We recommend grabbing it as it’s free of cost. 

This 3D print Christmas village is a one-piece model and requires no assembling. You can paint it in the color of your choice and even add lights to make it light up. The designer of their Christmas Village is Tiggz.

The model’s dimensions are 150.00 x 150.00 x 128.49 mm, which means it is convenient enough to be used as a Christmas gift. This 3D Christmas village is available on Creality Cloud and has already been downloaded 274 times.

🎄Christmas village

13.6MB Related 3D Model

3.3. 3D Printed Christmas Decorations

3D Printed Christmas Decorations

If you love a miniature fireplace model to be used as an embellishment over your desktop, this is a must-try. 

The model includes 11 different parts to form a decorated Christmas fireplace. You can also print specific parts and use them as 3D-printed Christmas ornaments. The parts include a fireplace, coffee mug, 3D printed candy cane, 3D printed rope rug, cookie, 3D printed stocking, 3D printed Christmas tree, and 3D printed Christmas gifts. 

When assembled together, it makes a cutesy Christmas display. All files are free to download. This unique model is designed by Jake3dprinting12 and has a unique story behind it. 

You can read the story and download the files on Creality Cloud for free. The model is liked by 160 users and downloaded by 723 others. This design over has 16 comments praising the story behind the model.

2 hours till Christmas #Xmas

238.2MB Related 3D Model

3.4. Christmas Toy Train

Christmas Toy Train

By designer Skipper07, this 3D printed Christmas toy train also makes for a good 3D printed Christmas gift. This 3D printed Christmas decoration has 6 parts that can be assembled together to form a toy train.

The toy train coaches will be assembled with the help of a 3D-printed screw. However, this model is not free to download. Still, it’s been downloaded 124 times.

Christmas Toy Train

21.0MB Related 3D Model


Creating your own 3D printed Christmas ornaments is a fun and unique way to add a personal touch to your holiday decor. With Creality Cloud you can find so many different styles and designs to choose from, and you can easily find 3d printed Christmas ideas.

Plus, 3D printing your own ornaments is a great way to create gifts for friends and family. If you're looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, give 3D printing a try this holiday season.

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