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3D Printed Pokemon: Most popular decoration & figures

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3D printing has taken the world by storm, and with it, a whole new level of creativity has been unleashed. From practical everyday items to intricate works of art, there is no limit to what can be created with a 3D printer. And now, the world of Pokemon has joined the 3D printed revolution.

Fans everywhere use their 3D printers to create decorations, accessories, and even figures of their favorite pocket monsters. And we've scoured the internet to bring you the most popular 3D printed Pokemon decorations, accessories, and figures out there. From customizable Pokemon card holders to realistic Buff Kangaskhan figures, get ready to be blown away by the level of detail and creativity achieved through 3D printing.  So grab your 3D printer and let's start bringing the world of Pokemon into our homes.

3D printed Pokemon

Part 1. Can you 3D print a Pokemon?
Part 2. 3D printed Pokemon for decoration & accessories
Part 3. Most popular 3D printed pokemon figures
Part 4. Best pokemon 3D models website -Creality Cloud

Part 1. Can you 3D print a Pokemon?

It may sound like something straight out of a science fiction movie, but the answer is actually yes. In fact, there have already been successful attempts at 3D printing various Pokemon characters.

The process involves designing or finding a 3D model of the desired Pokemon character and then using a 3D printer to bring that design to life in physical form. An end result is a three-dimensional object made of plastic or other materials, resembling the beloved pocket monster.

3D printing technology has come a long way in recent years, making it easier and more accessible for individuals to bring their creative ideas to life. This has opened up a whole new world of possibilities, including the ability to 3D print our favorite Pokemon characters. 

So the next time you’re in need of a Squirtle to join your team, consider giving 3D printing a try. Who knows, you may end up with the ultimate Pokemon trainer bragging rights.

Part 2. 3D printed Pokemon for decoration & accessories

Not only can 3D-printed Pokemon serve as fun and unique decorations, but they can also be used to make functional accessories. For example, imagine a Charmander keychain or a Bulbasaur pencil holder. The possibilities are endless with 3D printing technology and a little bit of creativity.

Not only can individual Pokemon characters be 3D printed, but entire generations are also within reach. Imagine having a complete set of first-generation starter Pokemon figurines lining your desk, or displaying all 151 original Pokemon on your bookshelf. The level of detail and accuracy that can be achieved with 3D printing technology makes it possible to bring these beloved characters to life in a whole new way.

Here are some examples of 3D-printed Pokemon that have already been created and put to good use:

2.1. Pikachu Ring Pokemon 3d Models

Are you a die-hard Pokemon fan and also in need of a unique and cute ring? Look no further than this 3D-printed Pikachu ring. It’s the perfect combination of nerdiness and fashion. You can even find 3D print models for other Pokemon characters, such as Eevee and Cubone, to mix up your ring game.

Pikachu Ring Pokemon 3d Models

Designer: SORE GA

Download Pikachu Ring Pokemon 3d Models: Creality Cloud

2.2. Cute Pokemon Pikachu Girl

This adorable 3D-printed Pikachu figurine is the perfect addition to any Pokemon lover’s collection. Fun and colorful, she would fit right in on any desk or shelf. You can also use it as a paperweight or a playful addition to your room decor.

Cute Pokemon Pikachu Girl

Designer: Pandoranium 3D

Download Cute Pokemon Pikachu Girl 3D Models: Creality Cloud

2.3. Pokemon Togepi Man Pencil Pen Holder

Not only is this Togepi 3D-printed figurine cute and fun, but it also serves a practical purpose as a pencil holder. Perfect for any desk or art station, it’s a unique way to bring some of your favorite Pokemon characters into your daily life.

Pokemon Togepi Man Pencil Pen Holder

Designer: Pandoranium 3D

Download Pokemon Togepi Man Pencil Pen Holder 3D Models: Creality Cloud

2.4. Pokemon Go Aimer

For any serious Pokemon Go players, this 3D-printed Pokeball aimer is a must-have accessory. It attaches to your phone and allows for more precision when throwing Pokeballs, helping you catch those rare and elusive Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Aimer

Designer: KarolaneLC

Download Pokemon Go Aimer 3D Models: Creality Cloud

2.5. Cookie Cutters Pokémon

Why settle for boring old cookie cutters in the shapes of hearts and stars when you can have 3D-printed Pokemon cookie cutters? Impress your friends at your next party with Pikachu-shaped cookies or show off your baking skills with Squirtle and Charmander designs. The options are endless with 3D printing technology.

Cookie Cutters Pokémon 

Designer: DimenzionCreativa

Download Cookie Cutters Pokémon 3D Models: Thingiverse

Part 3. Most popular 3D printed pokemon figures

When it comes to creating unique and personalized decorations, accessories, and collectibles, few things beat 3D-printed Pokemon figures.

From individual characters like Pikachu and Squirtle to entire generations of starters or original 151 Pokemon, the level of detail and accuracy that can be achieved with 3D printing technology brings these beloved characters to life in a whole new way.

Some popular uses for 3D-printed Pokemon include keychains, pencil holders, and even cookie cutters. But the possibilities don't stop there - with a little creativity and imagination, the sky's the limit.

Need some inspiration? Check out these popular 3D-printed Pokemon figures:

3.1. Pumpkaboo Halloween Pokemon

This spooky little guy is a fan favorite among 3D-printed Pokemon figures. Not only does it have a creative interpretation, with its jack-o'lantern-like body, but it's also functional - use it as a Halloween decoration for your desk, garden, or front porch.

Pumpkaboo Halloween Pokemon

Designer: MyPokePrints

Download Pumpkaboo Halloween Pokemon 3D Models: Creality Cloud

3.2. Sandshrew Pokemon

These little critters are the perfect addition to any dessert or beach-themed room decor. Use them as paperweights, or even mini figurines for a diorama. They also make for a cute and unique desktop accessory.

Sandshrew Pokemon

Designer: YEG Squirtle

Download Sandshrew Pokemon 3D Models: Creality Cloud

3.3. Pidgey Pokemon

This classic bird Pokemon has been reimagined as a 3D-printed figure with moving wings and an adjustable tail. One version even includes functional accessories for your Pidgey to hold, like a Pokeball or a tiny Pokemon-themed pencil. 

Pidgey Pokemon

Designer: YEG Squirtle

Download Pidgey Pokemon 3D Models: Creality Cloud

3.4. Jigglypuff Pokemon

This cute and iconic character has been given new life as a 3D-printed figurine with movable arms and legs. It's perfect for any collector or fan, and can also serve as a playful desk accessory or paperweight.

Jigglypuff Pokemon

Designer: YEG Squirtle

Download Jigglypuff Pokemon 3D Models: Creality Cloud

3.5. Abra Pokemon

This fan-favorite psychic Pokemon has been turned into a 3D-printed figurine with its trademark spoon in hand, ready to use its powers. It's a unique addition to any Pokemon collection or display.

Abra Pokemon

Designer: YEG Squirtle

Download Abra Pokemon 3D Models: Creality Cloud

3.6. Machop Pokemon

This musclebound Pokemon has been brought to life as a 3d printed figurine, with movable arms and legs for even more display options. It's the perfect addition to any gym or workout-themed room, or for any fans of the powerhouse Machop.  

Machop Pokemon

Designer: YEG Squirtle

Download Machop Pokemon 3D Models: Creality Cloud

3.7. Duskull Pokemon

This ghostly Pokemon has been given a creative and haunting interpretation as a 3D-printed figurine, with its signature skull-like face and dangling chain. It's a unique and spooky addition to any Halloween display or horror movie-themed room decor. 

Duskull Pokemon

Designer: MyPokePrints

Download Duskull Pokemon 3D Models: Creality Cloud

3.8. Squid Game Pikachu Pokemon

Who doesn't love the thrilling and dramatic Netflix season Squid Game? Fans of the show can now bring home a piece of the action with this 3D-printed Pikachu figure. Designed with intricate details to capture its appearance in the show, this figure also comes with a functional Pokeball accessory for added play value. 

Squid Game Pikachu Pokemon

Designer: MyPokePrints

Download Squid Game Pikachu Pokemon 3D model: Creality Cloud

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Part 4. Best pokemon 3D models website -Creality Cloud

Looking for the perfect 3D-printed Pokemon decoration or accessory? Look no further than Creality Cloud, the all-in-one platform with over 200,000 models to choose from. It support Android and iOS system. You can download models, slicing, printing with this all-in-one application. Not only can you browse through and download a variety of 3D Pokemon models, but you can also safely sell and buy models as well.

We have a wide selection of Pokemon figures, decorations, and functional accessories like Pokeball holders and pencil toppers. And with easy-to-follow printing instructions and tutorials, you can bring your favorite Pokemon to life in no time.

4.1. How To Find Pokemon 3D Models On Creality Cloud?

To find Pokemon models on Creality Cloud, simply use the search bar to type in "Pokemon".

find Pokemon models on Creality Cloud

This will bring up a variety of 3D-printed Pokemon figures, decorations, and accessories for you to browse through. Or, if you already have a specific character in mind, you can search for it directly.

search models directly

You can also take a look at the pokemon 3D models collection created by MyPokePrints. MyPokePrints is good at creating 3D Pokemon, 3D print files, figures, STL files, and fanart! Check out these 3D Pokemon-style figures designed by MyPokePrints and support him if you like them.

pokemon 3D models collection

Some popular categories to look through are our Toys & Games and Gadgets & Electronics, where you'll find 3D-printed Pokemon figures and accessories like Pokeball holders.

4.2. How to download Pokemon 3D Models On Creality Cloud?

Once you've found a Pokemon model that you'd like to print, simply click on the model detail page. You will have the option to download the model files in stl.

download Pokemon 3D Models On Creality Cloud


3D printing has allowed for endless possibilities in terms of bringing beloved characters and designs to life. With the help of Creality Cloud and its wide selection of Pokemon models, fans can add some fun and unique decoration to their collection or display. It also allows for functional accessories like Pokeball holders, making it a perfect choice for any Pokemon fan.

Moreover, Creality Cloud makes it easy to find and download models, as well as provides guides and tutorials for successful printing. So go ahead and bring your favorite Pokemon to life with 3D printing!

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