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3D printing service near me | Find a 3D print local o online shop

Spencer Hill
Spencer Hill 16:12 12-01-2022

3D printing is a fun hobby. However, due to space and financial constraints, you may not be able to print in the materials or quantities you want. While you can buy a decent 3D printer for around $500 that can print a wide variety of materials, but, it still has limitations. Even if you spend thousands of dollars on a top-of-the-line 3D printer, it still can't do everything.

One of the ways to avoid these limitations is to use a 3D printing service. 3D printing services have one or more locations with a range of printing options. You can send them your model files and pay them to print them for you.

3D printing service

What is a 3D printing service?

3D printing service refers to the use of 3D printing technology, 3D printers, combined with 3D printing solutions to provide its users with a complete set of processes from design to modification to production. The 3D printing prototype service assists in making prototypes faster, simpler, and less expensive, enabling more creativity, experimentation, and product-based companies.

"In the past, I thought that 3D printing service was to use the merchant's 3D printer to print the customer's own model, and the delivery is over after the completion. 

But after experiencing a professional printing service, I have a more comprehensive understanding of the positioning of 3D printing services. There were several steps in the 3D printing service at that time. 

Let me introduce it to you: firstly, 3D scanning, and then the files obtained from the 3D scanning were reverse-engineered to obtain the STL data, which was the file I wanted. Then it was printed with their 3D printer, and after printing, it was post-processed. During the period, according to my new ideas, the designer helped me design a new structure, and verified it after printing it out, it was perfect!"

Professional 3D printing professionals evaluate a 3D printing demand through their experience, analyze the structure of the CAD model itself and the use environment of the printed model, and mainly consider the most cost-effective 3D printing process and 3D printing materials that can meet the needs and post-processing methods.

So 3D printing sounds simple and actually involves many steps and procedures. If you have any suggestions for printing needs, you should find a professional printing service manufacturer to do it, professional ones are more assured.

How to find local 3D printing service near me

You might be wondering where to find 3D printing services near you. Here we have a few options for you to find out what's available in your region or what to search for to ensure they're the 3D printing solutions you require.

Way 1. Find 3D printing service on makexyz

makexyz was the first to leverage professional 3D printing services networks. It enables you to publish your concept and send the task to a user with a local 3D printer currently out of use. It reduces costs and delivery time and helps 3D printer users get through their devices.

And you can also contact 3D printers filtrating the locations, materials, process, and service to find the best 3D printing service near you.

Find 3D printing service on makexyz

Way 2. Local Libraries

Local 3D printing service is beginning to appear in locations with regular printer access. The library in your town is one instance.

Library 3D printing service

Check out your local public library branch first, as many are expanding their offerings to include equipment. Alternatively, if you live in the US, check the list librarian designer Amanda L. Goodman created of digital media labs where you can get gear (including metal 3D printing services).

The fact that library services are either free or quite inexpensive is a huge perk. Be ready since, aside from the librarian who has assumed responsibility as part of their job, libraries that provide 3D printing sometimes have an expert. If just one or two machines handle a busy service, you can also have a long wait.

Way 3. UPS Stores

In 2013, UPS shops began offering SLA 3D printing services. There are already 19 US sites where you can utilize metal 3D printing services, but the firm hopes to extend this service to 100 stores across the country. Anyone who lives far from a business with industrial 3D printing services capability has choices thanks to an online portal.

UPS Store Locations with 3D Printing

According to customer feedback, UPS' best online 3D printing services procedure is simple, even for people without a lot of 3D printing experience. Although fewer material kinds are available than with the other services we'll discuss, the setup is still quite simple. Because of this, it is not suitable for demanding industrial tasks or delicate, elaborate things, but users claim it is quick and simple for other tasks.

You can check this link to find the UPS Store Locations with 3D Printing.

Online 3D printing service

The internet might be useful if you are still looking for what you're looking for locally. Even if they don't have any physical facilities close to you, online 3D printing services may print your concept anywhere in the globe and send it right to you in a completed 3D view. No matter their abilities or access to personal equipment, these 3D printing services make 3D printing available to everyone. Here are some alternatives to think about: 

Option 1. Sculpteo

Sculpteo is a large-scale 3D printing service in Paris and San Francisco that experts created in 2009. According to its website, it provides ten distinct types of 3D printing techniques and over 75 materials. It has numerous high-profile clients, like NASA and Toyota, but it also works with amateurs, allowing you to purchase just one print.

Sculpteo 3D printing service online


Shapeways is a New York-based additive-growing business and 3D design marketplace founded in 2007. They provide a wide choice of materials in Chicago. 3D printing service Chicago has collaborated with over 1 million enterprises, producing in New York, Michigan, and the Netherlands. They provide expert design services if you need clarification on your design.

SHAPEWAYS online 3D printing service

Option 3. Hubs

Hubs have approximately 90 aluminum 3D printing services in its network. They are well-known for producing high-quality components at reasonable pricing, ranging from rapid prototyping using Fused-Deposition Modeling (FDM) to functioning end parts manufactured with Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) or Multi Jet Fusion (MJF).

Hubs have vast expertise covering a wide variety of 3D - printed applications, from development to production, with over 65,000 clients from every sector, including aerospace, military, robotics, medical, industrial, automotive, and electronics.

Hubs online 3D printing service

FAQs about 3D printing service

1. Can your 3D print at Office Depot?

Customers may view 3D printing displays in stores throughout eight states as Office Depot continues to provide the most in-demand technological products and services. Alternatively, they can print independently using the Cube or CubeXTM office equipment services. 150 Office Depot locations throughout the country will now offer digital Equipment Cube 3D printing services and an opportunity for clients who can buy a 3D printer or use a service.

2. Does FedEx do 3D printing?

The FedEx Packaging Lab, the fourth component, is a research facility created to evaluate, test, and develop packaging to help consumers get the most out of transportation. The final and fifth component, 3D printing, seamlessly integrates with the other four delivering customized service and rapid response manufacturing.


Due to its many advantages, 3D printing is crucial. Using conventional techniques enables users to create objects with challenging or impossible geometries. Additionally, it enables users with little expertise to alter designs and make unique, personalized pieces.

Additionally, on-demand 3D printing reduces tooling expenses and offers a quicker market time. For industries like aerospace, where it can produce lightweight yet complicated parts, 3D printing is crucial since it results in weight savings, fuel savings, and a better environmental effect. Additionally, it is crucial for the development of industry-advancing prototypes.


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