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How to 3D scan with your phone | Free 3D scan app

Spencer Hill
Spencer Hill 21:06 12-15-2022

3D scanning technology has become increasingly popular and widely used in recent years due to advances in hardware and software that have made it more affordable and accessible.

And now, you can 3D scan with phone easily, that's a big surprise in our daily life. Get ready to learn how to 3D scan with phone now!

3D scan with phone

How to 3D scan with your phone | Free 3D scan app

3D scanning with a phone typically involves using a dedicated app that takes multiple photos of an object from different angles. The best free 3D scan app recommended is Creality Cloud

Creality Cloud launched recently the Photoscan feature. It allows you to create 3D models using phone pictures, and directly 3D print your object with one click. It's easy to use and friendly for 3D modeling beginners.

Let's get start on how to 3D scan with Creality Cloud.

1. Download Creality Cloud - free 3D scan App on your phone

Download Creality Cloud on your phone by clicking the download link, it's compatible with Android and iOS.

Device System Download link

And then, go to "Maker's tools", find the Photoscan option, and tap on "GO" to start the 3D scanning with your phone.

Creality Cloud Photoscan

2. Prepara environment before 3D scanning

Place an object to stand somewhere flat where you can walk around it. Make sure you use bright light that spreads equally around your object. In addition, when you 3D scan an object, be aware of differentiating it from its background.

Note: Make your model fits the screen and try to fill it to the dotted frame on the screen as much as possible. Do not move the object while taking photos.

Make your model fits the screen

By enabling standard mode, you can take photos based on the blue positioning pointer with the divided scale from all angles while you walk around the object.

Note: Do not move the object while taking photos.

3. Take photos using your phone

To create an integral 3D object, you need to take photos of the object from different perspectives. The object is divided into three parts for capturing, the bottom part ( The angle formed between the camera and the object 0°-30°), the middle part (30°-75°), and the top part(75°-90°). Each part needs to be photographed around the object until all angles are captured.

Take photos using your phone

Take the middle part of capturing as an example. Here are the steps for operation:

Step 1: Place your phone at the bottom part with the angle formed between the camera and the object at 30°-75°.

Note: Try to keep an equal distance when you take photos from the object. Moreover, beware that your model fits the screen, and try to fill the dotted frame on the screen as much as possible. Most importantly, adjust the focus to make sure the object is sharp and not blurred.

Step 2: Based on the blue positioning pointer with the divided scale from all angles, you can tap on the button and take photos while you walk around the object. Only one photo will be taken per scale pointer, and it will replace the previous photo if you take another photo at the same pointer. Tap on the scale circle, you can preview photos that have been taken and retake them if needed.

The bottom part (0°-30°) and the top part (75°-90°) capturing process are the same as the bottom part. Adjust your position and take photos neither from too far nor from too close.

Adjust picture position

Step 3: After the photographing of the three parts is completed, tap on "Submit" to upload the photos to create a 3D model.

Step 4: You can check the creating process and status in the Creality Cloud app navigated to Me > Designs > Photoscan > List. And find the 3D model on Me > Designs > Photoscan.

3. Photography Modes Choosing

There are two modes for photography: Manual and Automatic. You will need to tap on the button to take photos under the manual model setting by default. If you switch to the "Auto" mode, the photos will be taken automatically when you move the phone camera according to the blue positioning pointer aligned with the divided scale.

4. Different Object Size Choosing

There are two kinds of object sizes for taking pictures. One is an object with a big size, another is an object with a small size. You can choose a big or small object when taking pictures.

Different Object Size Choosing

Note: Based on the size of the object, it requires different numbers of photos taken on each part of the object. The bigger the size of the object, the more photos are needed for each part of capturing the object. Please take pictures according to the requirement.

5. Numbers of Photos

The big object will need 24 photos taken for the bottom part (0°-30°) capturing, and another 24 photos taken for the middle part (30°-75°), 12 photos taken for the top part (75°-90°). While the small object only needs 12 photos to be taken respectively for the bottom and middle parts, and 6 photos taken for the top part.

6. Avoid Using Objects

We recommend you avoid using the following objects that may affect the effect of creating a 3D model.

① Translucent objects or objects that may change color at different angles.

② Objects with a metal or plastic surface or reflective materials on the surface.

③ Non-stationary objects such as live animals or working electric toys.

④ Objects with a solid color on the surface and with no obvious features. Or smooth objects.

⑤ Objects with solid black areas on the surface.


Keep in mind that the accuracy and quality of the 3D model will depend on the quality of the photos and the capabilities of the app you are using. Some apps may also require additional hardware, such as a depth sensor, to create high-quality 3D scans.

But with Creality Cloud Photoscan, you can 3D scan objects with the phone without limitations. It's so easy to use, and it supports remote 3D print your model directly. What are you waiting for? Just get the download free to use now!

Device System Download link
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