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How to Convert 3MF Files to STL

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How to Convert 3MF Files to STL

Given the increasing prevalence of 3MF files and the slower adoption by some modeling or slicer programs, you may need to convert to an STL eventually. Let's explore some ways to do that!

3D Printing Troubleshooting 101: Print Not Sticking to the Print Bed

A frequent challenge in 3D printing is when the print does not adhere to the print platform, causing the print to fail. This issue can be relatively simple to fix, despite its frustration.

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To elevate the quality of your resin prints to a professional level, the final crucial step is painting. However, achieving a polished finish requires not just skill in painting, but also diligent preparation beforehand. Neglecting these initial steps can result in muted paint colors or paint layers that easily peel off, compromising the overall result.

How to Stop a 3D Printer from Stripping Filament

The problem of stripped or slipping filament can occur during any stage of the printing process, regardless of the type of filament being used. This can cause the hot end to fail to extrude any filament, abruptly halting the printing process.