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How to convert STL to G-code free (online & offline)

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Spencer Hill 14:05 11-09

If you ask what format files are required for 3D printing? It must be STL. Because STL data is simple, it can easily convert to Gcode format files, which is the most direct medium for dealing with 3D printers.

This guide will show you how to convert STL file to G-code. I hope you’ll find it helpful. So, let’s start!

how to convert STL file to G-code

Is STL the same as G-code?

The answer is No, let’s figure out what really are the STL and G-code files.

What are STL files?

STereoLithography, or STL for short, is a method of 3D printing and a related file format developed by Chuck Hull at 3D Systems in the 1980s. The standard file type for 3D printing is called an STL file. It facilitates the connection between a computer and a 3D printer when combined with 3D slicing software.

A wide variety of CAD programs now read and write STL files. These days, it's commonly employed in fast prototyping, 3D printing, and CAM.

For those unfamiliar, STL files are 3D models. They are not 3D printable on their own. The color, texture, and other commonly used model properties are not included in this format, only the surface geometry of a 3D object.

What are G-code files?

A G-code, or "G" code, is a simple computer language instructing a printer. The position of the printer's nozzle, the heat of the extruder and bed, the length of any breaks in the printing process, the rate at which the printer's head moves, etc.

G-codes are not limited to 3D printers; they may be utilized with many different types of machinery. G-codes are used by cutting instruments such as lathes and mills. The G-code file can be viewed editor on a personal computer.

If you have a converted STL file, you can turn it into G-code by slicing it into layers. A printer understands only G-code files.

Best STL to G-code converter

Actually, convert STL to G-code is a slicing process. So the STL to G-code converter is slicing software as we know.

The top free Windows STL to G-code converters are provided here. The 3D model in an STL file can be exported as G-code using these programs. It's worth noting that G-code is also known as the Numerical Code Programming Language. CIM and 3D printing are the main applications of this language. 

The following STL converters are web-based services that may be accessed from any web browser; no download or installation is necessary. While many of the options below are user-friendly and require little training, they may not be the most efficient if you have many files to convert.

2.1. Creality slicing software

As we know, Creality is a excellent 3D printer manufacturer, their representative 3D printer is Creality Ender 3, Creality CR-10, etc. Meanwhile, they are developed 2 type of slicing software for FDM and resin printers: Creality Print (FDM Slicer) and HALOT BOX (Resin Slicer). Let's learn more about it.

Creality slicing software

Creality Print (FDM Slicer)

Creality Print (FDM Slicer) is a self-developed FDM slicing software. It allows you to slice 3D models (STL to G-code) on a desktop and export them to Creality Cloud for printing. It supports Windows, Mac and Linux system.

Follow below steps to how to convert STL to G-code using Creality Print (FDM Slicer):

Step 1. Download and install Creality Print (FDM Slicer) on your desktop (Windows, Mac or Linux system).

System Download link
Windows Creality_Print-v3.12.2.3188-win64-Release.exe
Mac Creality_Print-v3.11.1.0-macx-Release.dmg
Linux Creality_Print-v3.11.1-Ubutu-x86_64-Release.AppImage

Step 2. Add your printer model to start. This will guarantee your slicing file appropriate to print.

Add printers to Creality Print

Step 3. Now, you can upload your STL files to the software by clicking Import Model button in the right tab. If you are Creality Cloud user, you can sign in your account, and find the STL files to sync to Creality Print.

Import Model

Step 4. Next, click on Start Slice button to convert your STL to G-code.

Start to Slice

Step 5. Export your converted STL file in G-code to your desktop.

convert STL to G-code

It's very easy and totally free for use. If you are Creality Printers user, it's perfect for you to convert STL files to G-code. Don't miss to free download and trail.

It's a simple and practical program that lets you monitor and operate your 3D printer from a distance and print straight from your computer. To manage the printing process, such as looking for models, uploading and importing them, changing them, configuring printing and slicing settings, remotely controlling your 3D printer, etc., you can log into your Creality Cloud account linked to Creality Print. You can either import or export the G-code from Creality Cloud and print straight from the Creality Cloud APP, or you can save the G-code on your computer and send it to the printer via a USB serial port or Wi-Fi connectivity.

HALOT BOX (Resin Slicer)

HALOT BOX (Resin Slicer) is a resin slicer program developed by Creality. It's specially for Creality resin printer users. You may use it to slice 3D models on your desktop and send them to Creality Cloud, where you can print them. Using the Creality Cloud, the HALOT BOX may search for models, upload them, import them, edit them, set printing and slicing parameters, control the 3D printer remotely, and so on. 

The sliced file can be imported and exported from Creality Cloud and printed straight from the Creality Cloud APP, or it can be saved on your computer and sent to the printer via a USB serial port or Wi-Fi connectivity. We've included support for 14 languages to accommodate people from around the globe, and future updates will add even more flexibility.

2.2. Ultimaker cura STL to G-code

Ultimaker Cura is yet another free option for converting STL files to gCode that is compatible with Windows, macOS, and  Linux.  This program makes it simple to use an STL file's 3D model to generate G-code. This program is compatible with various file types, including STL, AMF, X3D, and many more. After importing a 3D object, you can utilize its integrated viewing capabilities to view a sample of input from multiple directions. Printing material, core dimensions, the height of the layer, infill percentage, etc., may all be set in the Settings tab before the conversion process begins. To change STL into G-code, do what I say.

Here's how to use Ultimaker Cura to go from STL to convert to G-code:

  • To import an file STL, run the program and select the Folder tab.
  • Next, pick a model of  the printer from the menu, and head to the tab labeled Settings to modify the printer's settings.
  • Then, after selecting the Save to File option, click the e Slice button to begin 3D model processing.
  • To change STL to G-code, select G-code as the output format and hit the "OK" button.

Features Beyond That:

  • Replicas of Cura: You can make a copy of your software's functioning and data at any time.
  • The plugin of Post-Processing: Several aspects of the generated G-code can be adjusted manually.

It is convenient to utilize STL convert to G-code conversion software, via which you can conveniently extract the G-code from an STL file comprising a 3D object.

How to convert STL to G-code online free

Now you can convert the stl to G-code online without installing any app in your system. Simply you can do this by opening the link in any browser. Following are the best online tools for converting STL to G-code.

Any conv online STL converter is a free online G-code 3D printer file (.gcode) converter tool that does not require registrations or system installations. Launch in any up-to-date browser, including Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

  • Drop your STL file or select it via the "Choose File" button to start the conversion process. 
  • Select the desired format and click the "Convert" button. 
  • The G-code file can be downloaded once the STL to G-code conversion is complete.
  • Converting a mesh to another format takes very little time. 

Any conv online STL converter

As little as a few seconds are needed to make the switch from STL to G-code. AnyConv works with any platform that can run a web browser. As a web-based tool, our STL to G-code converter doesn't call for downloads or installations on your end.

FAQs about STL and G-code files for 3D printing

4.1. Do 3D printers use STL or G-code?

G-code is a numerically controlled programming language consisting of commands used by many desktop 3D printers today. While the majority of these instructions begin with "G" (thus the name), "M" is also used for several frequently used machine-specific codes.

The STL file format is widely utilized in 3D printing and CAD (CAD). Stereolithography, short for STL, is a standard method of 3D printing. Some other names for STL include Standard Triangle Language and Standard Tessellation Language.

4.2. Can STL files be used for CNC?

CNC routers commonly accept files in STEP, DXF, or SVG formats. STL is not the most used format for CNC routing, but it has its uses, such as when the cutting height varies to provide varied depth details or when the machine moves in all three axes simultaneously.


Depending on the program you use, how to convert STL to G-code might be a time-consuming and inaccurate operation. We hope you've found this guide  helpful in learning the fundamentals of STL to G-code conversion and gaining insight into how to use the tools for transformation.

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