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How to Slice STL Files in Cura | Step by step guide

Spencer Hill
Spencer Hill 19:55 12-06-2022

Slicing STL files can be a daunting task, but luckily there are many software programs out there that can make the process much easier. Ultimaker Cura is one such program that is specifically designed for slicing STL files. 

But, do you know why a lot of 3D printing enthusiasts choose to slice STL files in Cura? And how to Slice STL Files in Cura?

How to slice STL files in Cura

Let’s get started!

How to slice STL files in Cura

Slice STL files mean converting STL files to G-Code files to let the 3D printer understand. Ultimaker Cura is one of the best STL to G-code converters. To be continued, we'll show you how to slice STL files in Cura so that you can get started printing your 3D models right away.

Step 1: Download and install Cura. You can find the latest version of Cura here. Once you have Cura installed, launch the program and add your printer, in my situation, added Creality Ender-3 Pro. And click on the "Next" button to continue.

Add a printer on Cura

Step 2: Now, in the top left corner, go to File > Open File(s) > Select Model File.

Upload your file on Cura

Step 3: After uploading the file, you will want to remain within the recommended settings as provided within Cura. Or you can customize your print settings. When you're happy with your slicing settings, click on the "Slice" button.

3D model file uploaded

Step 4: When the slicing process is complete, you can preview and save the slice file to the desk. Now you're ready to start printing!


Pros and cons of slicing an STL file in Cura?

Utilizing Cura to slice an STL file is a great tool for 3D printing enthusiasts to leverage in preparing their models for printing.


  • By slicing the 3D model into many layers, Cura produces a crisp and clean output with far greater resolution than would be possible by 3D printing by itself. 
  • Furthermore, users can also modify the settings in relation to material composition, layer height, and more which are essential for improving print quality and precision. 
  • Another great advantage of using Cura is that it allows users to view their sliced model before exporting the G-code required for producing the actual 3D object through software like Repetier Host or Slic3r Prusa Edition. This not only saves time and money but also promotes user satisfaction since they can ensure that their model remains true to its intended design.


Despite its many benefits, Cura has some notable drawbacks. 

  • It can be difficult to learn and understand, with a steep learning curve for new users. 
  • Additionally, the 3D prints it produces may also not always be known to match up perfectly with the design file or even the first layer of filament down in certain cases. 
  • Furthermore, Cura is unable to print multiple objects at once with one click of a button, meaning long waits and additional steps that have to be taken in order to print multiple objects. 
  • Lastly, it is limited in terms so STL files only and cannot unpack zip archives containing the desired 3D model files.

The best alternative way to slice a 3D model for printing

Now you learned more details about Cura for slicing STL files, including the pros and cons. If you are looking for the best alternative to slice STL files, it is not controversial to say that Creality Print is your best choice.

Creality Print makes it fast and easy to create 3D prints from STL files. The software can be used with any model, giving users maximum design freedom. Follow the below steps on how to slice STL files using Creality Print:

Step 1. Download and install Creality Print on your desktop (Windows, Mac, or Linux system).

System Download link
Windows Creality_Print-v3.12.2.3188-win64-Release.exe
Mac Creality_Print-v3.11.1.0-macx-Release.dmg
Linux Creality_Print-v3.11.1-Ubutu-x86_64-Release.AppImage

Step 2. If you are a new Creality Print user, you need to add your printer model to start (Supports Creality Printers only). This will guarantee your slicing file is appropriate to print.

Add printers to Creality Print

Step 3. Now, you can upload your STL files to the software by clicking the Import Model button in the right tab. If you are a Creality Cloud user, you can sign in to your account, and find the STL files to sync to Creality Print. You also can adjust print settings in this step.

Import Model

Step 4. Next, click on the Start Slice button to convert your STL to G-code.

Start to Slice

Step 5. Export your converted STL file in G-code to your desktop.

convert STL to G-code

Creality Print offers speedy slicing times, precise detail, and intuitive controls which make it one of the most reliable 3D slicers on the market today.

It also has a wide variety of settings available so you can tweak your models to perfection.

Furthermore, Creality Print's filament compatibility allows you to use multiple materials ranging from plant-based biodegradables to traditional ABS and PLA plastics. With seamless software integration and nearly unlimited design possibilities, Creality Print provides an outstanding 3D printing experience that's sure to satisfy even the most demanding users.


Slicing STL files doesn't have to be difficult. With Cura, you can quickly and easily slice your STL files so that you can get started printing your 3D models right away. However, as we mentioned before, Cura has some notable drawbacks.

So here we recommend the best alternative for Cura: Creality Print, it can batch slice, and even offers free models to slice directly.

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