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Make a different pen holder 3D print FREE

Spencer Hill 3d model
Spencer Hill 18:38 11-16

We live in a time when technology has given us the ability to do things that were once impossible, and 3D printing is a perfect example of that. With 3D printing, we can now create objects that are limited only to our imagination.

One of the great things to print is Pen holder. 3D printed Pen holder is useful, easy and low cost object to 3D print. In this post we will share with you the most popular pen holder 3D models and a free 3D pen holder maker for you! Let's go!

pen holder 3D print

Part 1. Pen holder 3D print: most popular models to download

If you're new to 3D printing, what things you can print, where to get the free 3D models? Don't worry, let's start with a 3D printable pen holder, just choose a pen holder 3D models below to start.

1. Pokemon Togepi Man Pencil Pen Holder - Paid

This is a pencil holder for Togepi on a humanoid body. It include 11 files to print. Its bed plate is a pokestation, if you are a pokemon enthusiast, you will like it.

Pokemon Togepi Man Pencil Pen Holder

Who made it: Pandoranium 3D

Where to download: Creality Cloud

2. Airplane Pencil Cup - Free

Biplane pencil cup. It's the perfect way to organize all of your pens and pencils.

Airplane Pencil Cup

Who made it: bigovereasy

Where to download: Creality Cloud

3. Pen holder, desk organizer - Free

This pen holder has 2 separate holders, and added a slot to fit 2 triangle measurement thingies. It also has a slot to fit a stack of post-its and a tape holder. For the tape holder, you need to insert the metal cut part from a regular tape holder.

3D desk organizer

Who made it: Ninanas

Where to download: Creality Cloud

4. Hands Pen Holder - Paid

Pen Holders do not need to be a cylinder! They can be handy too. Enjoy.

Hands Pen Holder

Who made it: raqkishi

Where to download: Creality Cloud

5. Cosmetic Pinsel - Halter - Free

For girls, your messy cosmetic brush will be rescued by this stronger cosmetic pinsel.

Cosmetic Pinsel

Who made it: Perry Design

Where to download: Creality Cloud

6. The Pen Holder Spring

It was inspired by a red spring, you can made different color of spring and then mixing them. You will get a mix color of pen holder spring.

Pen holder spring

Who made it:  BrownBear

Where to download: Creality Cloud

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Part 2. Use a free pen holder maker: Design, slice and print - Creality Cloud App

If you don't want to modeling, o purchase 3D models, you can just download this perfect free pen holder maker Creality Cloud App. It is a user-friendly tool for you to create a simple pen holder for organizing your desk. You can customize the shape, and add stickers, texts, or frames to your pen holder.

Here is a breif tutorial about how to use Creality Cloud App to 3D print pen holder.

Step 1. Download Creality Cloud App on you phone.

System Download link
For Android devices
For iOS devices

Step 2. Open Creality Cloud App and log in to your account. Tap on “Maker’s Tools” at the top of the “Explore” page and enter to select Pen Holder Maker.

Pen Holder Maker

Step 3. Choose a shape for your pen holder.

Choose a shape for your pen holder

Step 4. You can add stickers, texts, or frames for your pen holder.

add stickers for your pen holder

Step 5. Adjust the degree of the pen holder relief.

adjust the degree of pen holder

Step 6. Finally, name your designs and save the file. You can find it on My Designs > Pen Holder Maker. Then you can start to print.

pen holder 3D design

Ok, done. It's ver easy right? Creality Cloud not only a pen holder maker, it is a best 3D remote printing software. You can use it to 3D design a Pen holder and remote print directly.

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