13:57 05-24
i was in process of building a spinning wheel and wanted to put a magnetic bearing on the Flyer inlet
Just when somone was running a contest for fridge magnets and stuff 3d printed. 

I ended up too late learning the hard way 
You need lots and lots of little magnets to create a less bumpy field and offset so there are as many lifting at one time as ones passing over dead zones between magnets

And while stronger replusion with big ring magnets  stay away from ring magnets except for thrust bearings
the outsides and spaces between become opposite poles due to the toroidal field inducing an new 90 degree field around it. 
instead of floating on magnetic repulsion the first unit would snap to the wall with inner magnets lined up between the outer magnets 

printing and gluing magnets is a chore to get them all the same pole out. 
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