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Previous post: Concept: The traditional cup shape vacuum holder will not work as expected or very hard to print even with supports, this design has been altered for easy and better performance. Flat surface of this vacuum hook with water as medium creates a strong vacuum grip when pressed against a non-porous smooth surface. Theoretically the model can hold up to 13.2kgs and practically tested up to 1kg which is more than 100times it’s weight. The print time is just 15minutes with a standard 0.4mm nozzle. Commercial license: You can print and sell this model. Benefits:  Safe and secure,  Using fluorescent (Glow in the dark) material for hook will give an advantage of finding keys in the dark,  Good for temporary use,  No need to drill hole / use adhesive. Note: The print must be on smooth surface using glass bed is preferred but not compulsory, use high bed temperature to avoid glue stick/adhesive. Make sure that there are no air bubbles after pressing against wall. Materials: Vacuum holder: Any flexible resin/Filament – TPU, Nylon, E.T.C Hook: strong resin / Filament - PLA, PETG, ABS, E.T.C, 3D printing settings: Slicer software: Creality slicer, Printer: FDM / RESIN, Retraction: 5mm speed 60, Nozzle Temp: minimum 190 to 210 C for PLA / minimum 200 to 230 C for TPU Bed Temperature: 90 C (no glue stick/adhesive needed) Infill: Minimum 8%, Print in place, Print speed: 25 Support: No supports needed, Layer height: 0.2, (use high diameter nozzle for fast printing) Build plate adhesion: brim at least 1mm, Print time: Vacuum holder: 13 minutes, Hook: 2 minutes. The hook is a snap fit no adhesive required for assembling. Thank you, Have a nice day. Regards, Sigma Designers.