A first time Backer

21:26 03-13-2022
Last week (cannot rember the day or date) I decided to back a project that is a creality Prouduct,This is something have
never done And it included MONEY, something i just dont like doing, This was an item which makes it more scary !!! at  every post i got more and more Anxious but also Quite pleased, the more information i reieived the excitment started to build up inside, and i have to say i was not sleeping well at all it seams i was thinking of this Pledge most of the time and i was finishing off my shed printer room this made me organise where was the Pledge go in my printer room? well its all over now and I have a place in my print room for my Creality Lizard Scanner as this was what i pledge my money to       because I became A BACKER for the first time, and it was great, I have already backed another Project and I just hope  that gos as well as The Creality Scan Lizard

Below are pictures ofnthe start of the shed build and the printer room.