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03:20 03-20-2022
I was just wondering what the users of this app think about Cuvacoins. It seems that you can earn a small amount each day by printing, posting, uploading and sharing etc. This is great and a fun way to gauge your own progress using the app.

However, my question is this;

Are the totals required to actually redeem against a gift unobtainable?

I’m fairly active on the app and produce prints daily but my total Cuvacoins gained each day probably averages 20.
The “cheapest” item in the gift shop is 19999 Cuvacoins. In that case it would take me 1000 days (so about 3 years) just to get my hands on an Amazon Kindle. This isn’t exactly something I either need or want.

To get my hands on something “juicy” like an Ender 3/Pro/V2 would take 4-5 years using the same calculation. In turn therefore, anything more desirable could take up to 15 years! I may be dead by then! 😂

Joking aside, my point is basically that Creality could either make it easier and quicker to earn Cuvacoins or; provide more attainable objectives. By this I mean maybe lower value items such as filament or even upgrade parts like Microswiss hotends etc.

In summary, I’m happy with the app and the Cuvacoins but would like to see some benefit in collecting them.
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