How to protect your printer from runaway… part 1

21:18 03-23-2022
One of the most scary things that can happen to your printer is printer runaway. Which happens when the nozzle gets too hot and the printer cannot prevent it.

What it can cause: Thermal runaway can cause your printer to catch fire and possibly your house.

3 part one of things to do to prevent it. 1). Keep your printer firmware up to date. If you have not yet use marlin on the Creality download site. For me I would download Ender 3V2 zip but depending on what printer you have you do “your printer’s name”zip. After you have done that you need an SD car formatted as Fat32 after that you copy the bin file onto the SD card then eject (this step is very important) after that you can safely remove the SD card from your computer. All you have to do after that is put the SD card into your printer and turn it on.