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Hello, 3D printing hobbyists,

In the previous article about releasing Creality Cloud V4.1, we introduced a new feature for advanced settings that slice multiple 3D models at one time and provide granular control to your print. Now, we make batch slices possible on your Creality Cloud web and allow you to place more than one file for 3D printing at once. In addition, there is a list of toolbar added in the built-in slicer for advanced settings. In this article, we are going to show you each tool listed in the slicer toolbar and how to slice multiple models for 3D printing at once.

Here’s how it works:

Slice Multiple Models At Once

If you want to slice a model with multiple files, click on “Batch Slice” to slice all files at once to save your time.

ToolBar Features

There are toolbars of icons on the left of the window for setting your 3D objects.

1. Select 

(1) Single selection: Left-click on a file to select it.

(2) Multiple selections: Press and hold the Ctrl key down while you click the model file one by one.

(3) The selected models will be in blue while the unselected models will remain gray.

2. Move

Active on the Move tool, objects can be moved by the left mouse. Place your mouse on the coordinate axes, the object will move according to the X, Y, or Z-axis position you choose. 

When a block square appears, it can be moved in any direction.

When a model file outside the build plate is detected, the detected part of the model will be shown in red.

3. Scale

The Scale tool displays a 3D gizmo, which lets the user scale the object as their needs, by grabbing one of the corner boxes, or the X, Y or Z-axis boxes. There are three ways to scale your models by grabbing different boxes.

(1) Grabbing and dragging the box on the coordinate axes is to scale the model in this axis direction.

(2) Grabbing and dragging the white box next to the coordinate axes is to expand the model sizes uniformly and the center stays in place.

(3) Grabbing and dragging the block between two axis directions, the model will be scaled in two directions at the same time.

4. Rotation

The Rotate tool lets the user rotate the object around the X, Y, or Z-axis. As soon as the user selects one of the models, two sets of circular guidelines appear. Hovering the mouse over these two circles will change the rotation of the model.

Inner circle: normally rotate the model in the X/Y/Z axis direction.

Outer circle: rotate in a flat view.

5. Duplicate

You can copy the selected models by clicking on the Duplicate tool. It supports duplicating multiple models at the same time. 

6. Hide

The Hide tool will help you hide the models you don’t wanna display on the build plate. It’s similar to the Delete feature. The hidden models can be shown again on the model list.

7. Reset

The Reset tool will get you to restore all models to their initial state. There are some tips you need to bear in mind when resetting your models.

1) The duplicated model will not be reset.

2) No matter how many models are selected, the reset feature is for all models, including hidden models.

8. Auto layout

All models are automatically placed on the build plate at the appropriate position for display. No matter how many models are selected, the reset feature is for all models.

9. Place on Face

The Place on Face tool is the fastest way to rotate the model into correct orientations. Clicking on any of the model surfaces will align that face with the print bed.

9. Model View

(1) Scroll wheel: scale the size of the view.

(2) Drag and hold the wheel: move the view.

(3) Right-click: rotate the view.

(4) If you want to see a dimension view of the 3D object, there are six different views displayed in the lower left corner. 

Parameter Profile

After setting or modifying your parameter profile, you can save it and quickly find it for the next slicing.

Enjoy the new feature today and get your file slice in an advanced way. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome! Happy printing!

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