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Creality Cloud
18:38 10-31-2022

Hello, 3D printing hobbyists,

Since more and more designers joined the community, we have made lots of changes to improve your 3D printing experience. We made it possible to trade your 3D models, optimized the workflow of uploading files, supported zip upload, added a standard license, and canceled selling for shared models to protect designers’ copyright. After all this we did, we received kind words and suggestions from many of you, which gave us the motivation to keep doing what we love. Most encouraging is that some designers can truly profit from their hard work and built and grow their businesses from what they love. That is what we want to see in the community. We are happy to hear that a small designer can earn the same income in a shorter time on Creality Cloud. And every month we received hundreds of applications to cash out their Credits. We hope everyone in the community can get what he wants, creatives or knowledge, money or fun.

Make some uploads and start selling your designs now! 

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