Featured Comments: 3DP has the potential to impact far more than many people think...

21:00 11-14-2022

Hi there, I'm CiCi.

Yesterday I posted a topic: What area will 3DP impact the most?

We received a lot of great responses. Now I'm going to show you some representative comments. Let's check it out!

@TinMan0023: Personal and Health care… We can now print BioMaterials for Body Parts. Paper-infused filaments are coming and we will be able to print Nose Tissues on demand when we have a runny nose.

@jaybaypt: 3DP will impact most definitely on the medical sector. It is a question of developing and using the right materials for body application. The industrial area will have also a big impact if we could use resin or filament with similar carbon or metal characteristics.

@TimboSliced91: The use of 3DP has touched every professional career and gained its own ground! From letters, and blocks to encourage fundamental learning to stints in the brain allowing the use of fundamental movements. The homes of hobbyists to the reaches of space; I find the 3DP has already impacted an area of its own! 3DP has changed everything and opened a limitless possibility only matched by imagination.

@saidinstouch: I think 3D printing will unlock new methods for researchers in the life sciences that lead directly to medical breakthroughs. Creating 3d scaffolds for the culture of microbes, tissue culture, and drug delivery systems are some examples of applications of 3D printing that allow research to occur in a context more similar to our bodies than 2d tissue and microbial culture provide.

@Nitsud90: 3D printing had the potential for exponential growth. I envision every home and business owning some sort of 3D printer. It’s amazing that hospitals are working to 3D print body parts, restaurants can 3D print food, families can print toys and household items, and even homes can be printed. I see this growth as more industrial printers and printable materials become available.

@JMCheatham: 3DP has the potential to impact far more than many people think... for instance, while it will certainly impact the manufacturing industry, for those who are capable, the necessity to purchase goods could easily decrease to the point that some manufacturing businesses might become unnecessary. That could create an interesting imbalance in some markets as consumers may no longer need to purchase.

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