Featured Comments: 3DP challenges you and inspires you!

20:00 11-21-2022

Hi there, I'm CiCi.

A few days ago I posted a topic: What makes you insist on loving 3DP?

We received a lot of great responses. Now I'm going to show you some representative comments. Let's check it out!

@KPrinting: I have always loved building things from Legos or wood when I was a kid, but when I first saw a 3d printer, my mind just couldn't stop imagining all of the things I could create for myself and others. Afterward, like most things it faded, but the person who showed me his prints, convinced my family to get me my first CR-10s printer, and ever since then I have loved making parts and gifts.

@HendrikJB Boss: The freedom of expression and the opportunity to immediately try it out. Then when it is not correct you can immediately make an adjustment to it and print it again and repeat the process until it is what you want or needs. Sometimes it is only available through 3D design and printing because it was part of a package and when 1 part breaks it is useless because you can't buy the part separately.

@JSAviles1: After your first successful print, how could you not love it? The satisfaction of being able to create and make something real is simply wonderful. 3DP challenges you and inspires you. The possibilities are practically limitless. The ability to create just about anything you need or want is amazing. It's pure magic, and I absolutely love it

@Huzaifa Yaseen__DEFI: Because of 3D printing, artists can avoid the required time and cost associated with traditional methods. In order to create unique sculptures and figurines, designers can now run test prints of various products to gauge their look and feel. The printing press allows us to share large amounts of information quickly and in huge numbers. In fact, the printing press is so significant.

@FunkyTerror: I just got a Creality Sermoon V1 Pro. It arrived a few hours ago and I've been collecting things to print while waiting for it to arrive. The fact that I'm able to just start printing right away with it, straight out of the box, print out stuff I've created... it's pretty fricken cool. And way easier than I thought. So, I guess I'm in love with 3D printing because of the insane amount of freedom.

@MK the Printerman: For me, it's definitely creativity. You can make so much to make your life easier or more organized. It's just solving Problems and learning by the way. And I love when people draw everything out of their material and printers. Like using the flexibility of the material or making a mechanical clock.

@3DPFactory: I am quite a creative person but a terrible artist so 3DP allows me to maximize my creativity and actually bring to life what I have in my mind. I love the fact that I can make a practical solution to a problem. It's been wonderful to have an idea, bring it to life and then be able to share it with everyone. Look back just10 years ago and it wasn't possible at all. Now everyone can. Its a revolution

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