Creality Cloud New Release V4.14

Creality Cloud
15:18 12-02-2022
Creality Cloud New Release V4.14

Hello, 3D printing hobbyists,

It’s time to update your Creality Cloud app! In this release of Creality Cloud V4.14, we mainly concentrate on making an update of our Premium plan service, bringing you new benefits to improve your premium experience on Creality Cloud. Read on to find out what’s new. 

What’s new

New benefits added for Premium users:

1. Priority to slice 3D models 

Get the priority to slice 3D models without a long time waiting.

2. Faster model download speed

Speed up the process of model download and save more time.

3. Extra permission to control more 3D printers

Get extra permissions to add and control more 3D printers. You can distribute your print job by controlling up to 20 printers on the Creality Cloud website.

4. Advanced slicer for multiple 3D models

Use the advanced built-in slicer to slice multiple 3D model groups at a time

5. Special birthday gifts 

Receive an exclusive special gift on your birthday.

Note: A user can only receive a birthday gift per year.

6. More entries for the lucky draw

Get more free entries month to try your luck and draw out a prize. You got 1 more entry for a monthly subscription, and 12 more entries for a yearly subscription.

7. Opportunity to re-check in

Obtain an opportunity to re-check in the days you forgot to check in Creality Cloud. You got extra rewards for check-in on specific days.

8.  Exclusive products and discount

Redeem premium exclusive products in the Gift Shop with a huge discount.


Bugs fixed and performance improved.


Download Today

Take a look at the new version that will really revolutionize your print quality. Click on the link in the description below and be sure to download it.


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In addition, when adding these amazing features for you, we made some changes to your cloud storage and are planning to update the price of the premium service on January 1st, 2023. Click here to learn more.

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