Online printer firmware upgrades

20:32 12-11-2022
With all the different printers & various upgrades available....
It would be nice to have a pre-compiled flash updates that can be installed via creality cloud. Update firmware option with each creality printer.... then goes into sub menu with various options to choose... at end of choosing options it compiles the flash image to be flashed to the printer. We have all modified these printers, some extensively.
I have an ender 3pro. Height extension, upgraded mainboard, upgraded hotend, creality touchpad, cr-touch, glass bed, printed fan shroud, dual z. Im not exactly a pro with programing and getting everything to work nicely together has been a challenge. My biggest issue has been compiling the flash image successfully.
Although it is prolly a simple task for some... not everyone wants to go thru the programing side of the printers.