Check out the winners of Christmas design contest!

19:51 01-13

The Christmas design contest is over, and now I'm going to announce the final results!

This ranking is determined by the score, which is made up of two parts, one is “like” and the other is “download”. One like equals 1 score and one download equals 10 scores. (All data counted from December 12th.)

In addition, A jury(5 Creality Cloud staff) will select their favorite models. Each of their choices is equal to 20 “Likes”.

The 1st staff selects Zurlingo-3D, the 2nd staff selects ION, the 3rd staff selects ION, the 4th staff selects FlexiToys, and the 5th staff selects Skipper07.

So the final ranking is

1st Prize: 3D Digital Spool Rack-S (Single)@Zurlingo-3D

Telescopic Christmas Tree Lamp/Decoration

208.6KB Related 3D Model

2nd Prize: HD 1080P Web Camera @ION

Christmas star toy decoration on the Christmas tree

157.2KB Related 3D Model

3rd Prize: 3D Printer Toolkit @MakingMagic

Nordic snowflake ornament

305.4KB Related 3D Model

4th Prize: MK8 Nozzles Kit 24 PCS @Skipper07

Toy Train Christmas Style

18.1MB Related 3D Model

5th Prize: 1,000 Cuvacoins @FlexiToys


68.8MB Related 3D Model

6th - 10th: 300 Cuvacoins @Quiet3DP@1964pezqueens@Jimson@jajaum3d@Frikarte3D

Every participant can get 80 Cuvacoins.

Congratulations to everyone! View more designs here >>


1. We will contact the winners by email, remember to check your registered email.

2. Each entrant can only win one set of prizes.

3. We need to check if all works are original, if not, no award will be given. The award will be saved for the following one.

4. We offer worldwide free shipping, but winners should pay tax and customs.

5. Because the Chinese public holiday is approaching, the prizes will be sent to you in February.