Trailer: 'Sacred Skeleton'

22:30 05-15
The model itself is designed based on FDM printer, and the whole model is designed without support.
New people just arrived, also don't know what to say, or the picture!
Holy Skeleton/disobedient Holy Body FDM high mobility mecha skeleton without support

HS-01 prototype
180+parts quantity
20+complete panels
5 replacement faces
Giant Blade/Cannon Replacement Weapon
Fully movable palm

There are two versions of the model connotation:

One type is the 'connected version', which is mainly designed for printing convenience. After printing, it is convenient to search for parts in conjunction with the manual, similar to the GUNDAM assembly experience. Similarly, it is also prepared for most entry-level printers, and the connected version is better for printing.

Another type is the "loose part version", which is mainly prepared for the masters who are already familiar with the assembly process, and can be used for color separation and patching of individual parts.
This should be the full board diagram. First, let's take a look at a few finished product drawings.

He has a pair of weapons attached by default. It is a replacement weapon unit and currently has no handheld weapons.
At present, only these pictures taken during the production process are available, and other pictures are currently being taken~So let's make a small preview here first~
At that time, the drawings will be paid and open-source~We support everyone to carry out various secondary creations based on this framework!
Of course, this does not mean that making a skeleton is the end~
I plan two series:
”The prototype that you are currently seeing in the SH Sanctuary series is the first human body created for itself before the extermination in my original storyline "Sanctuary". This series will update the body armor and skeleton at different stages as the story progresses.
”XH Fantasy Series "is a series that I started to envision very early, a sci-fi version of" The Gods of China ", such as Sun Wukong and the Giant Spirit God. There are some draft settings that can be made public~
This is the conceptual draft of Sun Wukong.
Concept Draft of the Giant Spirit God
Of course, there is also a hasty "Xing Tian“

But Xing Tian still has some progress
The palm models I am currently listing are actually the palms of Xing Tian,,,,,
Due to the huge design of this model, there may be issues with joint load-bearing. Therefore, a set of chuck type gear joints based on FMD printing without support was designed
chuck - double chuck - and one-way chuck
That's actually the end of the preview~
If you have any questions, please ask me in the comments~

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