[Winners Announced] [Round 9] Creality Cloud Leaderboard Contest

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17:16 11-23-2022

Update as of Nov 28, 2022 - Winners Announced

Congratulations to @PatrickArtHkon winning the championship and will be awarded 2,000 Cuvacoin! With runner-up @PPACand@TomoDesigns 3rd place , each being awarded 1,500 Cuvacoin and 1,000 Cuvacoin respectively!

Thank you for everyone who participated in the contest. Don't be too discouraged if you didn't finish in the top 30 as another round of Leaderboard Contest is on the horizon! Stay tuned.


Welcome to round 9 of Creality Cloud Weekly Leaderboard Contest!


Designers, creators, and users are all essential to Creality Cloud's amazing 3D printing community. We decided to show how much we care and value our 3D printing community by hosting this exciting weekly contest.

The Creality Cloud Leaderboard features a new score system. Users can monitor their score and rank each week. All stats will be tracked daily by the leaderboard.


The rankings are updated every Monday. All user score will be reset to zero every Monday and the calculation will start right away.

To win prizes from Creality Cloud, all you have to do is trying to finish in the top 30 on the Weekly Leaderboard!


⏱️Contest Schedule

Nov 21 0:00 - Nov 27 23:59 (UTC+8)

❓How to enter

It takes only 1 step to join the contest - ⏫UPLOAD YOUR 3D MODELS


Where to get models to upload? You have 3 options:

a) Design and upload your own model

b) Upoload models you find on the internet but you must strictly follow the copyright agreement (e.g. Creative Commons License) to share them

c) Use Creality Cloud app's Makers' Tools to create models and upload to your account


Prize: Cuvacoin

🥇Champion: 2,000 Cuvacoin 

🥈Runner-up: 1,500 Cuvacoin

🥉Third place: 1,000 Cuvacoin

❤️Honorable mention:

    4th-10th: 800 Cuvacoin

    11th-20th: 500 Cuvacoin

    21st-30th: 300 Cuvacoin

If the score of the 30th place exceeds 1,000, the cuvacoin reward for the top 30 participants will be doubled! 


🧮How is the score calculated?

- Upload new models*: +10/model (extra +20 if model is featured)

- Models** printed by others: +10/print

- Models** sliced by others: +8/slice

- Models** liked by others: +1/like

- Models** downloaded by others: +5/download

- Models** favourited by others: +4/favorite

- New followers: +3/follow

Please note:

All scores are calculated in the current week.

*Models uploaded between Monday and the following Monday are regarded as "new models".

**Models uploaded at any time are valid.


It's time to upload models and enjoy yourself since the Creality Cloud Weekly Designer Contest is officially open! Join now before it's gone! Sign up for an account on Creality Cloud if you haven't yet.


📑Terms & Conditions

Winners and their models may be used in advertising.
Anyone who attempts to manipulate the leaderboard will be banned forever.

Creality Cloud reserve all the right for the final explanation.

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